Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Royal Challenge is the largest selling premium whisky in India. Cherished by connoisseurs of spirits all around the world, Royal Challenge is a 24 years old blend with a rich heritage of innovation and unsurpassable quality. A true personification of the spirit and energy of today's achievers, this flagship brand of United Spirits Ltd. is the sole millionaire brand to inhabit the premium whisky segment.

Royal Challenge was the whisky that proved to be a trailblazer from the time it was launched in the 80s. It swept from the North and won the hearts of whisky drinkers across South India and became so popular by the mid 80s that not many were even aware that RC stood for Royal Challenge. As the UB Group acquired Shaw Wallace in 2005, RC became a part of USL's proud legacy.

Royal challenge exudes a vibrant and youthful image. It is a true market leader not just because of it's high market share but also because of the imagery it lends to its consumers.

An amazingly smooth whisky, the secret of its velvet-like texture lies in the use of leisurely matured malt spirit. To create this unique blend, enormous time was spent by the Master Blender in studying the properties of various oak wood casks. Eventually, the 'Right' casks were chosen for maturation of the malt spirit used in Royal Challenge after extensive research. Thus was born Royal Challenge. 

:Antique Gold
Aroma:Sweet malt, leisurely matured wood having depth, unique hazelnut painted on string of honey
Taste:Medium body. A burst of malt is followed by oak wood & vanilla, mild astringency resembling skin of wild berries
Finish:Long and smooth, intense yet delicate


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