Monday, 3 October 2011


Originally ,old was gold , success came with age, and fine blended Scotch whisky came only from Scotland. Today there's more to success than age and more to a whisky than its place of origin.
A new taste.
Mcdowell's Signature Rare Whisky is painstakingly blended with the choicest pure Scotch whiskies and distinctive malts, for men who can appreciate a finer flavour.Blending two worlds.Our Master Blenders traversed the Whisky Route in Scotland in search of the perfect malt whiskies.They then blended these rare aged Scotches with the finest malts to create their own exclusive signature in the world of whisky.A new journey for whisky.Carefully controlled climatic conditions, maturation in oakwood casks used once to mature bourbon, a watchful eye over the distillation process and over 106 years of "whisdom" all came together. The result: a light , mellow blended whisky with a highly individual tone.Distinctive in every way.The elegant octagonal bottle is designed to preserve the natural richness of the whisky. Encased in a stylish canister, it displays good taste ever before you savour it. Just proves what the successful man of today already knows only too well that often , its far more pleasurable not to follow the tried and tested route.


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