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Haywards 5000
Haywards 5000 is India's largest selling strong beer brand, which perfectly combines strength with quality credentials that meet the high expectations of today’s demanding consumers.
Launched in the year 1983, Haywards 5000 is synonymous with strong beer in India. Haywards 5000 is brewed with the choicest of malts and hops lending itself to a unique flavour profile to suit the Indian taste and preference. Haywards 5000 is the hallmark of original and authentic strong beer which other beer brands aspire for. With such credentials, it is not surprising to see men get together over Haywards 5000. It is the language of friendship amongst men who are proud of their masculinity and look forward to a great time with their friends and peers .
haywards 5000
  About this brand
Country of origin:India
Beer type:Lager
Alcohol content by volume:< 7.5% by volume
Taste:full bodied malty flavour
Malts:Indian malts, 6 row barley
Hops:German hop extract (CO2) & Indian hop palate
Colour:Golden yellow
Availability:India - all seasons, South East Asia, Middle East and Europ
Fermentation process:Bottom-fermented
Serving temperature:7 - 9 °C
Packaging:650 ml and 330 ml Indian standard glass amber bottle ; 500 ml Non returnable bottles ; 500 ml cans and 330 ml cans ( in select markets)

0 Colonel's Special Whisky

Carefully distilled out of malt made at Kasauli, matured in oakwood casks and diluted to desired strength with Himalayan water. Colonel's Special blends well into classic cocktails. Sure to please the palate of discerning ladies and gentlmen.

0 Golden Eagle Premium Lager Beer

The rich amber liquid that is so indispensable to India's long, hot, thirsty summer. Mohan Meakin Breweries has been quenching a nation's thirst for over a century and quarter now. Golden Eagle, the drinkers' preference has come to be known as the king of beers in India. Sought after in International Markets for its taste and quality this Beer has won gold medals at Monde World Selection since 1982. Golden Eagle Beer is one of the seven best beers in the world, adjudged by an international panel of beer tasters organized by the Washington magazine.


Aged for 12 yrs.  For those extra special occasions. The epitome of unflinching dedication to quality.  Blended with highly matured spirits.

Alcohol : 42.2%


Honored the world over, Old Monk had been awarded gold medals at Monde World Selections since 1982.   Its a classic 7 yr blended dark rum. With the first drop of Old Monk Rum, the sheer aroma of distilled cane sugar grown in lush green fields of India, stirs up the age old legend.  Old Monk Rum is a form of the legendary 'Some-ras' of India's centuries old scriptures--The Drink of Gods and Lords of India.

Alcohol : 42.2%


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